Tina Nguyên, Homecare Provider


Image of Tina Nguyên

My English is not perfect but I can understand. I follow news about the coronavirus closely and because I’m a union leader, members ask me a lot of questions about what’s happening. So I translate the news and send them summaries in Vietnamese. It takes all of my free time to translate but I do it because they need the information to take care of their families and the people they take care of.

For everyone’s safety and health, the government should be providing important COVID-19 information in many different languages because the U.S. is home to people of different races and who speak many languages. The more people know, people can protect themselves better. And if they protect themselves better that means that we can protect our country better.

I also read the news and see video clips about the racist attacks happening against Asian Americans. If the coronavirus gets worse, so will the racism. I will admit that I’m scared, but I’m not panicked. I know what to do.

Now, when I leave my house to get cleaning supplies, not only do I worry about being exposed to the virus, I have to look out for racist people who want to attack me because I’m Asian. We need to raise our voice about this. Racism needs to STOP.

Please take care of yourself. As workers, we must stay safe and healthy because we take care of our communities. Thank you for listening. Xin cám ơn tất cả mọi người. Thank you everybody.