Immigrant Stories

Tina Nguyên, Homecare Provider
“If the coronavirus gets worse, so will the racism.” By Tina Nguyễn, Homecare provider and SEIU Local 2015 member
Ana, Janitor in Houston, Texas
“I show up for my community, so it doesn’t feel good knowing that the Trump administration wants to deport me.” By Ana, Janitor in Houston, Texas
Marilyn Mara, Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse and SEIU Local 521 member Marilyn Mara speaks out against scapegoating immigrants as a way to divide working people against each other.
Amir Kalabic, Janitor
SEIU Local 6 janitor Amir Kalabic in Seattle has a lot more health benefits than most janitors, thanks to working together in a union with his co-workers.
Kabbah Mansaray, Airport Worker
As a frontline worker in an airport, Kabbah Mansaray speaks up about the need for ALL, including immigrant communities, to be included in the relief packages.