Viruses do not discriminate and neither should our policies. The COVID-19 crisis impacts all of us, no matter where we were born, our immigration status or the color of our skin. But more than 17 million immigrants in the U.S. have been left out of COVID-19 congressional relief packages. Many of them are on the frontlines working as healthcare workers, janitors, cashiers, and so many others. They are putting their own safety and the health of their families at risk to keep our nation running.

Immigrants must be included in protection efforts. Unless we act together to protect ALL people, we are ALL at risk.


We are calling on corporations and elected leaders to Protect All including Immigrants as a key component of addressing the coronavirus crisis. Our national demands are:

  1. Fully-funded and accessible healthcare for all including immigrants in America including paid leave and 100%- paid testing and treatment for COVID-19. Immigrants should be protected, including assurance that no immigration actions will take place when people are accessing testing and services.  The use of services WILL NOT be counted as a public charge when applying for U.S. residency. Any uninsured person not covered by their employer should automatically be enrolled in Medicaid.  All workers must be covered by permanent, comprehensive leave policies providing immediate access to 12 weeks’ leave at full pay for workers who are sick, mandated to stay home, or need to care for their loved ones.
  2. Job, wage, and economic security for everyone including immigrants. Establish industry funds to reimburse in full any wages lost due to job cuts or loss of hours.  Industries must provide easily accessed emergency child care funds, debt-relief, and housing assistance. All levels of government should include immigrants in any economic support or relief.
  3. Immediate investment in the health and safety of all workers. Provide emergency relief for states to hire and train more healthcare workers and first responders, and expand healthcare, long term care, and child care coverage. Corporations and industries should take aggressive, immediate measures to ensure clean, safe, and sanitary work environments and protection from infection during this health crisis, with continuing access to personal protective equipment and training, now and in the future.
  4. Immigrant families included in every emergency relief package. Elected leaders of every party, at all levels of government, must act to put the health, safety, and financial well-being of America’s workers first in their efforts to address this crisis. Any industry relief or bailout must prioritize healthcare and financial support for workers over executive pay, shareholders or profits. Further, these relief efforts must directly address the disproportionate impact of economic and health crises on Black, brown, Asian Pacific Islander, and immigrant workers.
  5. Access to resource information in immigrants’ languages. Specifically, about where to get tested, get access to care, access to unemployment benefits and other services.
  6. Rejection of Anti-Asian attacks. Elected leaders of every party, at all levels of government, must use their platforms to condemn anti-Asian racist and hateful language and to speak out against violent xenophobic attacks and discriminatory acts against Asian-Americans.

Immigrant Heroes

Kabbah Mansaray, Airport Worker
As a frontline worker in an airport, Kabbah Mansaray speaks up about the need for ALL, including immigrant communities, to be included in the relief packages.
Amir Kalabic, Janitor
SEIU Local 6 janitor Amir Kalabic in Seattle has a lot more health benefits than most janitors, thanks to working together in a union with his co-workers.
Marilyn Mara, Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse and SEIU Local 521 member Marilyn Mara speaks out against scapegoating immigrants as a way to divide working people against each other.
Ana, Janitor in Houston, Texas
“I show up for my community, so it doesn’t feel good knowing that the Trump administration wants to deport me.” By Ana, Janitor in Houston, Texas
Tina Nguyên, Homecare Provider
“If the coronavirus gets worse, so will the racism.” By Tina Nguyễn, Homecare provider and SEIU Local 2015 member